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1. Business, Accounting and Financial Studies Curriculum Supplementary Notes (to be implemented at S4 in 2014/15 school year leading to the 2017 HKDSE examination and onwards)

2. BAFS Compulsory Part: Basics of Personal Financial Management – Stock Trading as an Investment

3. Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (Compulsory Part) 1(b) Introduction to Management - Management Functions

4. BAFS (Compulsory Part) Introduction to Accounting – Basic Ratio Analysis

5. BAFS Compulsory Part - Business Environment C01: Hong Kong Business Environment – Impact of Globalization on Business

6. BAFS Compulsory Part - Business Environment C02: Business Ethics and Social Responsibilities

7. BAFS Compulsory Part - Introduction to Management C03: Management Functions for Organisation

8. BAFS Compulsory Part - Introduction to Management C04: Entrepreneurship and SMEs Management - SMEs Management

9. BAFS Compulsory Part - Introduction to Management C05: SMEs Management – Process of Developing a Business Plan

10. BAFS Compulsory Part - Introduction to Accounting C06: The Accounting Cycle

11. BAFS Compulsory Part - Basics of Personal Financial Management C07: Fundamentals of Financial Management – Time Value of Money

12. BAFS Compulsory Part - Basics of Personal Financial Management C08: Personal Financial Management - Consumer Credit

13. BAFS Compulsory Part - Basics of Personal Financial Management C09: Personal Financial Management - Personal Investment Decisions

14. BAFS Compulsory Part - Basics of Personal Financial Management C10: Personal Financial Management – Principles and Techniques to Prepare Personal Budgets

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1. EDB–Science Education–Biology

2. Biology–Online Dictionary

3. Biology Animation by CDI

4. Practical Biology of Nuffield Foundation

5. Penn Medicine

6. MIT Department of Biology

7. Oxford University Press

8. HKEdcity Online Question Bank

9. Physiology experiments

10. A-chien blogspot 阿簡生物筆記

11. Higher Mcgraw-hill animation

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1. Learning Resources from EDB

2. Interactive Periodic Table

3. Chemical Formula

4. Elements

5. Chemical Equations and Stoichiometry

6. Chemicool

7. Practical Chemistry of Nuffield Foundation

8. Royal Society of Chemistry Channel in YouTube

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1. Reference and Resources from Education Bureau

2. Y C Richard Wong on the Political Economy of HK and China

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1. TED Talks

2. TED Ed Lessons

3. South China Morning Post

4. BBC One-minute World News

5. CNN Student News

6. CBS News

7. Self-learning Websites for ESL students

8. Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises

9. Songs and Lyrics

10. Word-based Games for ESL students

11. British Council

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1. Field Work Question

2. Field Work River


4. Planning Department

5. CEDD Geology

6. Slope Safety

7. HKEA Practice paper

8. National Geographic

9. Environmental Protection Department

10. City Gallery

11. Google Map

12. Map Reading

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Integrated Science

1. Education Place - Science Center
A science centre, including textbook support, science links and project ideas.

2. U.S. EPA Explorers Club
Providing activities and knowledge on environmental protection.

3. NASA Kids
Providing kid level science information from NASA. Has news, rockets, astronauts, puzzles, games and more.

4. HowStuffWorks
Excellent site of how things work. Contain 'common sense' on Science, Computer, and Technology.

5. BrainPOP
Contains a lot of Flash movies, very enjoyable. The movies are on Health, Science and Technology.

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Liberal Studies

1. HKEAA - Liberal Studies Curriculum & Assessment Guide

2. Liberal Studies Curriculum Resources Booklet Series: Energy Technology and the Environment

3. Liberal Studies Curriculum Resources Booklet Series: Personal Development and Interpersonal Relationships

4. Liberal Studies Curriculum Resources Booklet Series: Modern China

5. Liberal Studies Curriculum Resources Booklet Series: Public Health

6. Liberal Studies Curriculum Resources Booklet Series: Globalization

7. 香港電台「通識網」

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1. Mathematics Department of Queen's College

2. NRICH Mathematics Enrichment Club
It consists of four parts: Inspiration, games, problems and logoland. The excellent Archive part contains lots of problems with solutions which you can browse for months.

3. Madras College Mathematics Department
This is the site of the Mathematics Department of Madras College in Scotland. It contains lots of resources, activities and fun in Mathematics.

4. The Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math
Ask Dr. Math is a site where you can e-mail maths questions and the people operating the site will find and post the solutions to the problems. Located in this site is a list of different problems and solutions that have been found useful in teaching. Students are encouraged to send in maths questions. Questions and answers are usually at college level and beyond. This site also maintains an archive of past questions and answers.

5. Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
The Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching was established by the University of Exeter. A bank of resources, including some basic mathematics problems and recreational mathematical games like puzzles, pastimes and competitions, is provided.

6. The Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes
This is a list of mathematical mistakes made over and over again by advertisers, the media, reporters, politicians, activists and many non-math people.

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Physical Education

1. World Health Organization – Physical Activity

2. Teach PE

3. Sport Plan

4. School Physical Fitness Award Scheme

5. Skysports

6. National Basketball Association

7. Olympic Games

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1. 中文. com

2. 北京普通話學會

3. 東東讀音小字典

4. 悅普堂˙普學網

5. 普通話一分鐘

6. 普通話研習社

7. 普通話發聲工具

8. 普通話網

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Visual Arts

1. EDB–Arts Education–Visual Arts

2. HKEAA–DSE–Visual Arts

3. Education organizations–Glossary of Art Terms:
3a. Moma

3b. Horace Mann PTSA

3c. Tate

4. National Gallery of Art – Lessons and Activities

5. List of significant Art Museums

6. You Tube–Illusion Art videos–Drawing Hole on Paper
6a. Drawing a Hole - Anamorphic Illusion

6b. Drawing a Spiral Hole - Anamorphic Trick Art Illusion

6c. Incredible Hole - How to draw 3D hole - Trick Art Trompe-l'oeil – Vamos ART

6d. How to Draw Hole Paper - Drawing Hole Lined Paper with Graphite Pencils - Anamorphic Illusion

6e. Drawing Round Hole in Lined Paper - Trick Art with Charcoal Pencils - Anamorphic Illusion

6f. How to Draw a Round Hole in Line Paper Trick Art

6g. Simple and Easy 3D Drawing - Drawing 3D Hole - How to Draw Hole

7. Instagram–Art Photos and Videos:
7a. Arts Help

7b. Art Motive

7c. Kelogsloops

7d. elfandiary

7e. sasha_borisovich

7f. henrikaau

7g. septemberwildflowers

8. Facebook–Art Photos and Videos:
8a. Insider Art

8b. Paper Sculpture

8c. Master of Tiny Art

8d. Installation of LA Traffic

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1. 中國文化研究院

2. 中文學科天地

3. 中國詩歌網

4. 他們在島嶼寫作

5. 香港文學資料庫

6. 中國寓言解讀

7. 文言世界

8. 明報讀書網

9. 語文能力測試

10. 字得奇樂

11. 華文字句搜尋網

12. 國語辭典

13. 東東錯別字詞典

14. 粵語審音配詞字庫

15. 倒影湖語文遊戲

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Useful Freeware

1. Office 365 for Education

2. (De)Compression Utility

3. Image viewer and editor

4. Professional vector graphics editor

5. VideoPad Video Editor by NCH Software

6. VLC multimedia player

7. Edraw Mind Map Maker

8. Chrome for Desktop - Google

9. Download Firefox — Free Web Browser - Mozilla

10. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Download | Free PDF viewer for Windows

11. PDFCreator The FREE PDF Converter tool

12. Chemsketch

Users should take care and would be personally responsible for using the freeware as no comprehensive testing has been conducted on these freeware in different computing environments. All downloaded files MUST be thoroughly scanned to detect malware threats, virus attack and malicious code by strong anti-virus software to protect system security and prevent data breach.

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