Maths Department, Queen's College

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2023 - 2024

Ms. CHIU Ming Sze 

H.O.D. /Coordinator

Mr. KOO Chi Wa

H.O.D. (Deputy)

Mr. CHAN Hang Chun

You may use any part of the files in this
site for teaching or learning purposes,
and for non-commercial use.

Contributions from students, old boys, teachers
or any math lovers are welcome.
Please email to
Mr. Yue.

If you have any mathematics problem to ask,
you may also email to Mr. Yue.


Mr. FU Sze Wai

Ms. LAU Mei Sze

Mr. LAW Chi Keung

Ms. MA Tsz Wai

Mr. TAM Tak Wing


Mr YUE Kwok Choy

Webmaster, Retired teacher


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